Daniel Stranger

Dan is a performing arts worker from the United Kingdom. Since moving to Australia in
2009, Dan’s work as a director and theatre-maker includes Ubu Roi (2013), The Tempest
(2014), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015 & 2018), Insert Drama Here (2015), Children’s
Stories (2016), Titus Andronicus (2016), Wild Words (2016), Journey (2017), and Teechers
Professionally, Dan has worked as teacher and director of several performing arts
companies for children and young people across the Hunter Valley, including Cessnock
Performing Arts Centre’s Performing Arts Classes @ CPAC, Singleton Youth Venue’s Broken
Leg Theatre Company, and Maitland Repertory Theatre’s Reamus Youth Theatre.
When not teaching drama, Dan is a Youth Worker for Singleton Council, engaged in
numerous of programs linking education and early-intervention support with creative and
expressive media.
In 2014, Dan worked on Singleton Tales, a Verbatim theatre project in collaboration with
Tantrum Youth Arts – creating a new piece of theatre, staged at Singleton Youth Venue.
In 2015, Dan performed a self-written piece for RAW: Natural Born Artists, a showcase of
talent from a wealth of different media, presented at a venue in Newcastle.

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