Daniel Stranger – Drama

Dan has worked with children and young people for over 15 years. Since moving to Australia from the UK, Dan has been involved in the performing arts as a director, performer, and theatre-maker. Notable productions including Ubu Roi (2013), The Tempest (2014), Singleton Tales (2014), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015), RAW: Natural Born Artists (2015), Insert Drama Here (2015), Children’s Stories (2016), Titus Andronicus (2016), Wild Words (2016), Journey (2017), Teechers (2017), Romeo & Juliet (2018), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2019), Alice In Wonderland Jr. (2022), Finding Nemo Jr. (2023).

When not teaching, Dan works in Pastoral Care for the Catholic Schools Office, engaged in numerous programs linking education and early-intervention support with creative and expressive media.

Dan has worked for Hunter Drama since 2018, teaches classes of all ages, provides one-on-one tutoring, directs performances for the Junior Theatre Festival, and is our troupe leader for Performance Troupe.

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