Hunter Drama FAQ

Our Classes

Do your classes follow a syllabus?

Yes! We are so excited to say that all Hunter Drama classes follow a world class syllabus. All performance techniques and activities have been carefully programmed for specific age groups and ensure optimum skills development and maximum fun! Our syllabus also ensures that our classes are consistent and that our tutors can assess where individual students are up to.

Who do I contact if my child cannot make a class?

If your child is unwell or unable to make a class please notify us by emailing we will then let your Hunter Drama tutor know of your child’s absence. You may also let us know by posting in our closed Hunter Drama Family Network group on Facebook.

Can parents sit in and watch Hunter Drama classes?

Hunter Drama does not allow parents or guardians to sit in and watch classes. We believe this gives young people the freedom to develop without the pressure of observation from adults.

When does my child start ‘acting’?

Most of our Young Actors Program skills are taught through games and play. Classes are sometimes loud, physical and filled with adrenaline. It may look like a circus but rest assured students are learning valuable skills and performance techniques. We like to think of it like hiding vegetables in spaghetti! Students don’t even realise they are learning and that’s what makes drama so unique and fun! There is often an expectation that students will be given serious scripts or fulfill an idea of ‘real acting’ like Chekov straight away. This is definitely not the case and wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun or effective anyway! Students definitely move on to work with scripts and gain wonderful performance experience but not without learning drama essentials first.

How long are your classes?

Hunter Drama classes run for 1.5 hours. A longer class time gives us the opportunity to offer even more in our syllabus and provide more rehearsal times for our showcases. It also gives our tutors time to focus on individual needs of students as well as group work. (With the exception of our Kinder and Year 1 courses. These run for 1hr only)

How big are you classes?

Hunter Drama is dedicated to providing unique and personalized training to all students so we like to keep our classes small. Depending on the age group the typical maximum number of students we allow is 15. We also assign assistant tutors to our larger classes to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of their Hunter Drama experience.

Do you provide make up classes?

Unfortunately, Hunter Drama cannot offer make up classes.

Who teaches Hunter Drama classes?

Hunter Drama tutors are all industry professionals with lots of experience training in their craft and in teaching. Be sure to check out our ‘Our Team’ page to find out more about your Hunter Drama tutor.

How long are your terms?

Hunter Drama courses run for 9 weeks/term. Please see our Term dates page for specific term dates.

What do I do if my child no longer wishes to continue their Hunter Drama course

If your child can no longer continue their Hunter Drama course, please notify the Hunter Drama HQ as soon as possible. When you complete an enrolment, Hunter Drama assumes you will be staying for the entire year to experience our whole program. We will continue to keep your child’s name on our attendance rolls and to charge fees unless we are notified otherwise.

Our Productions

How do I find out about auditions for Hunter Drama productions?

Notifications of auditions for Hunter Drama shows are usually emailed out to all of our family members and posted in our exclusive Hunter Drama Family Network Facebook group just for HD families and then also on our Hunter Drama Facebook page.

Can my child audition for a show if they are not enrolled?

No, Hunter Drama auditions are open just to current students within the age restrictions of the production. Hunter Drama prides itself on making our audition processes fun and supportive; everyone walks out with a great big smile so everyone is encouraged to have a go!

When will my child perform?

Hunter Drama is proud to offer many interesting and dynamic performance opportunities for young people. Twice a year all of our Hunter Drama classes perform in our WOWFest festivals at an external professional theatre. Everyone is also encouraged to audition for our Hunter Drama major productions which provide performance opportunities for a range of ages and skills.

How many productions does Hunter Drama perform a year?

Hunter Drama always schedules two festivals a year for all of our classes to perform in and a specific production for our Actors Company class. Hunter Drama programs between 1-5 larger scale productions throughout the year. Participation in these shows is optional and by audition only.

Our Fees

Can you use Creative & Active Kids Vouchers?

Yes. Creative Kids Vouchers are redeemable for all our courses. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept Active Kids Vouchers. Upon enrolment, a link will be sent via email where you can upload these vouchers. Then they will come off your scheduled direct debits.

What are my payment options?

Our payment method is via our easy direct debit option (set and forget). We would much rather put time and effort into expanding our programs, courses, and productions, and creating other amazing opportunities for our students than chasing up fees.

Once you set up a direct debit you will be provided with dates throughout the year that your credit card or bank account will be debited. You will be notified of an upcoming payment well in advance to ensure your credit card hasn’t expired and you have the available funds for your automatic payment.

We also can make individual payment plan arrangements for families experiencing financial hardship.