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We have offered opportunities for literally thousands of young people since 2007. We’ve offered numerous employment opportunities for creative artists to deliver experiences for young people to expand their creativity.


  • Raising the profile of Newcastle’s cultural industry through high quality professional learning experiences for young people.
  • Expanding the culturally rich fabric of the region by offering an alternative to sport to help create more well rounded young people.
  • Creating employment for more than 9 local artists per year.
  • Nurturing innovation and creativity in young people through dynamic creative experiences.
  • Since 2007 we have produced over 20 theatrical events and coordinated over 5000 workshops.
  • Offered strong mentorship for many young budding artists.
  • Offered work experience opportunities for young people to gain practical and useful work place skills.
  • Provided a forum for young people’s voices that encourages storytelling and theatrical events that define and develop our unique community and cultural identity.
  • Create a risk free environment for young people to explore hard and relevant issues that contribute to strong community values.



  • Gain positive exposure and build loyalty with young people and their families.
  • Give your staff and clients access to theatre that stimulates and inspires by gaining access to free and reduced ticket prices, special previews and opportunities to engage with creative young people.
  • Access to our unique contacts and audience demographic in which to enhance your businesses exposure and contacts.
  • Meaningfully associate with a company with a reputation for creativity and innovation.
  • Gain unique advertising and marketing benefits.



By joining us in partnership you are ensuring that Hunter Drama can continue to support the creative talents of young people in the Hunter region.

We are seeking both financial contributions and in-kind support.

CONDA SUPPORTER – A contribution of $50 up to $600

LOGIE SUPPORTER – A contribution of $601 up to $1200

OSCAR SUPPORTER – A contribution of $1201 up to $3000

BROADWAY SUPPORTER – A contribution of $3001 up to $5500

HOLLYWOOD SUPPORTER – A contribution of $5501 up to $10,000

MAJOR SUPPORTER – A contribution of over $10,000
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