A wonderful show and a great experience

Congratulations on producing Bugsy, it was a wonderful show and a great experience for the children. Zoe and Monique really enjoyed it and I credit each production they do with Hunter Drama as a time of in their life to be cherished.

Nerida Walker
Best day of her life

Tully says she had the best day of her life at drama today.

Nat Maurer
Credit to you all and your support team

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for all your hard work over the past weeks and in particular during the run of the show.
It is a credit to you all and your support team that the show was such a wonderful experience for our children. We are extremely grateful that our children are a part of the Hunter Drama family and will continue to be for many years to come.

Maree Campbel
Fantastic Performances

Well done everyone involved in the Wow Festival and especially Danielle in helping the kids prepare for their performances. The performances were fantastic. All of them. Just want to say that all the kids in the Performance Group are the nicest kids we have met. They all show support for each other, team effort is great to see.

Well done Daniel and Chloe another terrific performance.

Denise Davidson
Fun audition process

Thank you genuinely so much for making the audition process so much fun!

Grace Alston
Great team of tutors

Hi Daniel,

The below email prompted me to provide some feedback on the first session of this class.

In short, we’re impressed (despite the odds)!

First, I was grateful to see you there in person to ease the transition.  

Secondly, my daughter Hope was understandably very disappointed to learn that James and Drew were not continuing as tutors for this class. She also told me that none of her HD class from last year has re-enrolled. Given those pretty important downsides, you might imagine that on pick up, I was nervous to hear how it all went. I must tell you that despite all the changes, Hope said she had a terrific class and came out raving about the new tutors. “Best ever class” – which is the level of hyperbole I have come to expect from her!

It seems to us that HD clearly has at its disposal a wide range of very talented tutors. We were impressed with Callan and Jo at the start of last year and yet each time we think the tutors’ shoes can’t be filled, they come up with the goods.

Please pass on my positive feedback to Chelsea and Lauren – they outdid themselves!

Allie Anderson
I was totally blown away by Mermaid

Dear Dan,

I just want to write that I was totally blown away by Mermaid on Friday night. The sets, lighting and costumes were elaborate and stunning, the cast were very strong, and how you managed the elaborate production values was outstanding. Well, done and keep up the fantastic work here in our region.

Michael Ewans
Loved wating HD do their stuff

I have to say that I have just loved watching Hunter Drama do its stuff over the past week or so with these auditions. The culture of support and encouragement has definitely rubbed off on the kids, so that is how they treat each other, even when they’re in direct competition with each other.

Ruth Davies
Roald Dahl a huge success

Dear Daniel and Chloe,
First of all a big congrats to the Hunter Drama team for the brains behind putting together the Roald Dahl festival. You guys did an amazing job. We absolutely enjoyed the festival and so did Diya. She had a ball and loved being on stage. She told us that she had a great time at the festival and that she would love to meet Chloe , Daniel , Drew and Angie again 🙂

Once again, we are glad that we got to see some great talent in Newcastle and thank you once again Daniel and Chloe for being so sweet and welcoming 🙂 and for giving Diya this wonderful opportunity 🙂 Kudos to ur effort in preparing a fantastic festival.

Looking forward to meeting you guys  again soon.

Soumya Sanjay
Shrek raised the bar again

Huge congratulations on the production. Little mermaid was very good but we believe you lifted the bar even higher this time. All of the cast were just amazing and those that were there 2 years ago really stepped it up another notch.

Tony Bayliss
Thank you

Michael and I have not seen Ruby this excited about a drama class before.
She came home this evening on such a high after performance troupe today. She was still buzzing at bed time.

Thank you for all that you do for our children.

Emma and Michael McNamara
Thank you sooo much

I wanted to thank you sooo much for the wonderful work you do with our kids. You know, it was that first contact with Rory in the drama class at Elermore Vale Public School that truly had a massive impact on who he is now. Thanks for inspiring him to have a passion for something he loves so much.

Simone Pollock
Thanks for his first year

Thank you for this first year of drama for Christian, he has grown in confidence so, so much this year and he brought home a gorgeous picture that he’d done at school of himself in his pj’s on the stage at WowFest.

Dee Morison
Thanks for providing so many opportunities

WOW! So many CONDA nominations for Hunter Drama!

Congratulations – well deserved, and as always, thanks for providing so many opportunities for our young people to participate in drama.

Lisa Pearson
Thanks from one of our volunteers

Hi Daniel

I was one of the amazing persons who worked on Shrek – Hair. I would just like to thank you for your lovely letter of thankyou provided with the team photo. I have worked on theatre hair for about 20 years and this is the first time we have got a genuine heartfelt thankyou for our time and dedication, it was a very moving letter. You should be very proud of your young actors, they were very polite and professional, and aimed to please.

All the very best for your future productions, I am sure you will see me again.