2020 Actor’s Company


This course is specifically designed for young adults (Years 10 and over) who are self-motivated professional actors and wish to put in the time to become masters of their craft.

Entry is via audition only.

Students taking this course are given access to a series of unique workshops that are delivered at a high level. These workshops have a process based focus and explore new ways of creating meaning and truth through performance using rigorous physical and vocal experiences. The course has a strong focus on encouraging students to explore their own personalities and personal limitations as an actor. Actors Company 2020 will also undertake extra performing opportunities in addition to the two scheduled student festivals.

As an Actor’s Company student, it is important to realise and be aware of our teaching practices for this course. The Actor’s Company involves teaching practices of a personal, physical or emotional nature. There may be situations which frequently require physical contact between staff and students as well as emotional interactions. The art of acting is the ability to create believable characters. The dramatic situation may require the actor to demonstrate mature themes. In directing actors, staff members encourage them to explore their own personal thoughts and feelings in order to find a reality for a character or a scene. Students are reminded that this process is an important and long-established technique to enhance creative development. It requires a level of personal maturity on the part of the student and is something that parents need to be aware of.




Course Information

Venue: Studio 2 - Young Actors Development Centre

Day: Mondays

Times: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Duration: 1.5hrs

Age Group: School Year 10 and Over - Entry via audition only

Price: $315 per term

Course Tutor

Allison Van Gaal