Normal – Actor’s Company

An urban detective story in which the investigator is a teenage girl and the body is her own.

Poppy has developed a tic. A twitch. A spasm. It spreads through her body, then her group of school friends and before long, the whole town. Nobody can explain it, but as the disease spreads, the community begins to fracture along lines that turn into deep fissures. Who or what is to blame? And how are they going to fix it?

Inspired by the true story of ‘The Town That Caught Tourettes’, this new work by award-winning Australian playwright Katie Pollock is dark, provocative and theatrically inventive.

Written by Katie Pollock, Normal is the winner of the Inscription/Edward Albee Playwriting Scholarship and the Ingenious Grant from Town Hall Theatre, MA (USA).

The town that caught Tourettes.

Director: Allison Van Gaal

Where: Civic Playhouse Newcastle

Dates: 30th June-2nd July 2022

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