A new take on a groundbreaking musical fairy tale about wishes and the choices we make.

Following the success of Hunter Drama’s Senior Musical Theatre production of Chicago in 2018, comes a beautiful staging of this renowned musical theatre staple.

Be careful what you wish for as Stephen Sondheim’s and James Lapine’s cockeyed fairy tale comes to life in this adaptation of their groundbreaking, Tony Award-winning musical.  Into the Woods JR. features all of your favourite characters – Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and his beanstalk) and the Witch in this lyrically rich retelling of classic Brothers Grimm fables.

The musical centres on a baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse and wind up changed forever.

With unforgettable performances, Into the Woods JR. showcases the talents of Hunter Drama’s Senior Musical Theatre Ensemble.


EVER CAST – Wednesday Senior Musical Theatre

Abby Bourne, Bailey Ackling Beecham, Bill Parry, Billy McLoughlin, Clara Anscombe, Eleanor Stanton, Elizabeth Kinsella, Gabriella Christie, Jay Scott, Luke Barker, Monique Walker, Rhanee Colman, Sarah Kirkwood, Shae-Lee McDonald, Tara Johnston, Zoe Shaw.

AFTER CAST – Thursday Senior Musical Theatre

Alison Collins, Amelia Carpenter, Amelia Holmes, Annabel Tayler, Bessie Stoke, Bill Parry, Billy McLoughlin, Caitlin Pepper, Isla Graham, Lily McHugh, Luke Barker,Maya Perry-Evans, Phoebe Parker, Rory Pollock, Ruby McNamara, Savannah Geddes, Siddah Crossley, Sophie Carmody.



Director: James Tolhurst & Ali Hodge

Where: Civic Playhouse

Dates: December

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