HD Inc.

Hunter Drama (HD) is pleased to be inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our HD Inc. classes are designed to provide opportunities to welcome a diverse group of people into our HD family. Specializing in acting for young people, we have worked with a wide range of students, including those with disabilities, over the last 14 years since HD began.

We are very excited to offer drama and musical theatre courses tailored to individuals with a disability. Our weekly lessons are created by our resident Occupational Therapist Hayley Stoddart who has a background in dance and is an ambassador for using the vehicle of performing arts as therapy.

​If you have a disability or have a child with a disability or behavioral issues, and you want to get involved, please contact us. A friendly conversation will help us guide you to the most suitable course.


Q: Is Hunter Drama a NDIS Provider?

A: No

Q: Can class fees be claimed via NDIS funding?

A: Yes – if you are SELF or PLAN managed, fees for courses fall under the category of Capacity Building. Goals can be achieved in many ways and you don’t have to stick to traditional therapists or therapies to achieve them. Drama and musical theatre classes have the capacity to help increase physical skills including coordination and endurance, improve cognitive capacity in memory, and lastly advance social skills including self-confidence, improve quality of life, increase social inclusion, and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

​Q: How do I arrange payment of class fees through my child’s NDIS plan?

A: If you are Self Managed, you are able to claim the fees by presenting an invoice or receipt to the NDIS. If you are Plan Managed, we are able to work in partnership with your Plan Provider / Manager.