Young Actors Program Years 2, 3 & 4 (Thu)

Hunter Drama’s flagship workshop program: The Young Actors Program

Hunter Drama’s Young Actor’s Program is a dynamic and transformative theatrical experience designed to nurture the next generation of performers. This innovative program provides aspiring young actors, in school years K-12, with a supportive and inspiring environment where they can develop their skills and passion for the stage. With a team of dedicated instructors who are industry professionals, participants receive top-notch training in acting, voice, and movement.

The Young Actor’s Program at Hunter Drama offers a holistic approach to drama education, emphasizing creativity, teamwork, and self-expression. Through a carefully curated curriculum, students explore various acting techniques, script analysis, character development, and stagecraft. They also have the opportunity to showcase their talents in exciting performances throughout the program, building confidence and stage presence.

Hunter Drama’s commitment to fostering young talent ensures that participants not only gain a strong foundation in acting but also develop life skills, making this program a stepping stone for future success in the world of theater and beyond.

Course Information

Venue: Studio 2 - Islington

Day: Thursdays

Times: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Duration: 1.5hrs

Age Group: School Years 2,3,4

Price: $324 per term

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