Broadway Kids 2, 3 & 4 (Tue)

Broadway in the Hunter 

Hunter Drama’s Musical Theatre program offers a transformative experience for aspiring performers, combining top-notch training with a passion for creativity. With a curriculum designed to nurture talent and confidence, students delve into the magical world of musical theatre under the guidance of seasoned professionals. 

Through a perfect blend of acting, singing, and dancing classes, participants refine their skills while exploring diverse musical genres and theatrical styles. The program’s unique approach encourages students to discover their individual artistic voices, fostering a supportive environment that celebrates creativity and expression. 

Hunter Drama’s experienced instructors inspire and challenge students, empowering them to embrace their talents fully. Whether dreaming of Broadway fame or simply seeking a fulfilling artistic outlet, Hunter Drama’s Musical Theatre program is the ideal platform to unlock the full potential of young performers, fostering a lifelong love for the stage. 

Join the program and embark on a thrilling journey where passion meets performance, shaping the stars of tomorrow.

Course Information

Venue: Studio 6 - Broadmeadow Studio

Day: Tuesdays

Times: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Duration: 1.5hrs

Age Group: School Years 2,3,4

Price: $324 per term

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