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PUBLISHED: 06 / November 2016




Hi! My name is Lucette and I am proud to say that I have been a part of the Hunter Drama family for almost a year now. It has honestly been such an amazing experience, and went by in a flash. I feel like I’ve achieved so much more in drama by attending just one drama class a week in 2016… I appreciate the opportunity to express my love of Hunter Drama to you. I can’t wait, so without further Aude, here is my experience of Hunter Drama this year.

First of all, my teacher, Elise has been SO encouraging. Earlier in the year I had an audition for Hunter School of Performing Arts. My mum would drive me up to the Hunter Drama office, and Elise would help me with my monologue choice, my stance, emotion and commitment to the process. Elise also teaches the years 5/6 drama class that I’m currently enrolled in.

One thing I like about Elise’s teaching technique, is that we all get treated like individuals. There’s no favouritism nor constant roles going to a certain person. My favourite game with Elise would have to be where she splits us into groups, gives us a topic and we have to make a piece including everyone in the group.

Some things I’ve attended or been involved in with Hunter Drama so far, are:

  • The Roald Dahl festival – I played a witch in The Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory
  • In class we are currently working on our parts for the upcoming Wowfest in December. Cant wait for that one!
  • Last month we went with a bunch of my closest friends to watch ‘Shrek the musical Jr’ at The Civic Theatre. It was amazing – from beginning to end! My goal is to someday be involved in one of these big Hunter Drama productions!

Here are some other things to note if you’re thinking of attending Hunter Drama: 

Is Hunter Drama just for dramatic people or can anyone do it? –

  • Hunter Drama can be for anyone, not just dramatic people. I know so many people who started of shy, and by the second week, they were like a Broadway performer already.

What would a new person feel like if they were just starting in Hunter Drama? –

  • Welcome. It is a well-known fact that dramatists tend to have the biggest, LOUDEST and bubbliest traits and personalities in the world of creative arts. When I started in term 1, I thought it was going to be extremely strict, and every person would be super snobby perfectionists. I was so wrong. I came home that day, counting the days up until next Wednesday where I could come back and be with my best buddies and do something I love.

My aim is to keep attending my Hunter Drama classes, and possibly even pick up musical theatre next year as well. As I am off to high school in 2017, I feel the need to extend my experience with great lessons which gives me the confidence to audition for any opportunities that come up.

My favourite thing in Hunter Drama would probably have to be the people. We have the best fun every week – I love participating in such a creative environment with kids I have so much in common with!

STUDENT NAME: Lucette Kearney

HD CLASS: Drama for Years 5 & 6