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PUBLISHED: 31 / May 2016



I’ve just started Hunter Drama this year in the musical theatre class. Hunter Drama is great for everyone because you have fantastic tutors like Chelsea and Lauren who let you play fun games like musical bop and BANG. My favourite is BANG because you have to concentrate and focus on everything around you.

You also get to perform in shows like the Roald Dahl Festival, you can make new friends and go out with your friends to the awesome movie nights like Shrek. The movie nights are really fun because you get to sit with your friends, watch the movie and eat yummy popcorn and delicious treats.

My favourite thing to do at HD is get ready for shows because performing on stage is actually quite fun. Some people say performing is scary, but once you do your job you feel good. This was the first time I ever performed on stage and I was really nervous bu my friends made me calm and it turned out to be an amazing night, even for the audience. I had such a great time and I’m so glad that I joined.

Every Drama day is always fun. In fact, I’d give Hunter Drama an A + (10 / 10) ☻. The best thing about Hunter Drama is you rarely ever get homework, you don’t get strict tutors, you always learn new acts or songs and you have heaps of fun! I think that Drama is for anyone even the people who don’t like performing because you just let your imagination fly and always have a great time.

I can’t wait to do another show and perform again!

STUDENT NAME: Elise Mantach

AGE: 10 years old

HD COURSE/S: Musical Theatre Junior Chorus (Thursday 5:30-7pm)