Courses / Advanced Screen Project

This course is designed for the more experienced actors to train and to explore the world of acting for camera. Instead of being delivered weekly it will be an intensive short course where students will create a short film.


In this increasingly competitive industry it is essential that actors continue to train in ways that lift their ability to new heights. During this eight week master class students will get access to practical learning that goes beyond the classroom and on to the set and will receive one on one guidance and direction towards creating a finished performance that is uniquely their own. In the process students will learn a personalized approach that they can take with them to all their future work.


You’ll be guided through your early stages of development as you learn about script work, camera techniques, and the essential skills needed to develop you as an actor on screen. You will also be exposed to on-set situations that teach you how a film set works, and actors relationship with director and crew, and how to take direction. You will also come away from this course with a very professional looking scene to add to your showreel.

Dates TBA – Stay Tuned!


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