YOUNG ACTOR’S PROGRAM – Year 2, 3 & 4 (Wed)


Focusing on the fundamentals of improvisation we create characters and stories based on the world all around us. Using your tool bag of drama and improvisational skills create stories and acting adventures inspired by your wildest ideas. Develop more focused and disciplined skills in acting, improvisation and storytelling, then develop and rehearseĀ a piece with all your class mates to present at the Laugh Out Loud Festival for family and friends in Term 2.


Spend the first few weeks brushing up on your Laugh Out Loud Festival group performance and perform it at the Playhouse for family and friends. Your voice and your body are both powerful tools. Learn to use voice to tell stories and create sound scapes. Use your body to create character and gesture to enhance storytelling. Investigate radio plays and character development through voice and movement and develop and devise a short physical performance featuring sound scapes and characters in crazy situations then share this piece with family and friends.


Using the stories from the popular Andy Griffiths Just series as inspiration, devise and create a zany, wacky and crazy story where the adventures are only limited by your own imagination. Swing from a clothesline or fill your shower up with water by plugging up the drain, you never know where these stories may take you.


Using your devised story from term 3 continue to develop the story, character and performance skills as you prepare and rehearse your very own short play to perform for family and friends at WOW Fest at the end of the course.

Course Information

Venue: Hamilton Baptist Church (108 Lindsay St, Hamilton)

Dates: 9 Wednesdays

Times: 4:30-6pm

Duration: 90mins

Age Group: Year 2, 3 & 4

Price: $1060 ($265/term)

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