Develop trust and a strong group dynamic through a variety of exercises and experiences designed to challenge your improvisation and acting skills. Extend your vocal and physical skills through a series of traditional and contemporary drama experiences. Work with your team to solve problems and to think on your feet. At the end of the Term you will work towards a group performance to stage at the Playhouse as part of Hunter Drama’s Laugh Out Loud Festival. This festival hits the stage early term 2.


Rehearse for a few weeks then hit the stage with your class mates at the Laugh Out Loud Festival at the Playhouse.

Then, explore a more sophisticated style of performance. Investigate and play with documentary drama. Research, devise and develop character and create a short performance based on real documents, life events, historical events and news stories. Learn to take responsibility for your personal development as an actor and how to work as a member of an ensemble. Then show off your short documentary pieces to family and friends with a short presentation at the end of the term.


Build on your introduction to documentary drama by exploring physical theatre techniques and focusing on impulse work and play. Use contemporary movement and instinct training to devise a unique physical theatre piece incorporating props, simple costume elements and personal experience. Using one story chosen specifically for your group, explore and focus on how it could be told from different cultural perspectives.


Using your devised work from term 3 create, rehearse and perform a rich and dynamic 10 minute play for family and friends at WOW Fest at the end of the course.

Course Information

Venue: Hamilton Baptist Church (108 Lindsay St, Hamilton)

Dates: 9 Tuesdays

Times: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Duration: 90 Minutes

Price: $1060 ($265/term)

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Course Tutor

Drew Holmes