SCREEN STARS (Secondary)

This course builds on the core essential skills you have explored in your Young Actor’s Program course and focuses on a much more detailed approach to character development. This course also touches on auditions for screen and screen tests. It is recommended you have undertaken at least 12 months of our Young Actor’s Program prior to taking this course.


During the first term we give you a variety of experiences that explore the nature of the screen audition. How to present to camera as an actor and how do discover the necessity of good improvisation in auditions, screen tests. Enhance your ability to present to camera with spontaneity and confidence. Film a series of short dialogue snippets from classic movies to get comfortable delivering to camera.


This term focuses on script study. We take an in-depth look at the characters and narrative from a chosen screenplay. Shoot a number of scenes to delve deeper into the characters back story and their progression through the story.

TERM 3 & 4

We shoot our own short film during the entire second half of the year. Refine your screen acting skills, before auditioning for a role, and then devise and collaborate with a real screen writer before shooting the short film.

Course Information

Venue: Hamilton Baptist Church (108 Lindsay St, Hamilton)

Dates: 9 Tuesdays

Times: 5:30-7:00pm

Duration: 90 minutes each week

Price: $1060 ($265/term)

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Course Tutor

Maike Strichow