Courses / TERM DATES


NOTE: Courses do not run on Public Holidays. We tack the missed week onto the end of the term.

Semester 1 Term 1 Dates
Mondays 29th Jan till 26th Mar
Tuesdays 30th Jan till 27th Mar
Wednesdays 31st Jan till 28th Mar
Thursdays 1st Feb till 29th Mar
Fridays 2nd till 6th Apr
Saturdays 3rd till 7th Apr


Semester 1 Term 2 Dates
Mondays 30th Apr till 2nd Jul
Tuesdays 1st May till 26th Jun
Wednesdays 2nd May till 27th Jun
Thursdays 3rd May till 28th Jun
Fridays 4th May till 29th Jun
Saturdays 5th May till 30th Jun


Semester 2 Term 3 Dates
Mondays 23rd Jun till 17th Sept
Tuesdays 24th Jun till 18th Sept
Wednesdays 25th Jun till 19th Sept
Thursdays 26th Jun till 20th Sept
Fridays 27th Jun till 21st Sept
Saturdays 28th Jun till 22nd Sept


Semester 2 Term 4 Dates
Mondays 15th Oct till 10th Dec
Tuesdays 16th Oct till 11th Dec
Wednesdays 17th Oct till 12th Dec
Thursdays 18th Oct till 13th Dec
Fridays 19th Oct till 14th Dec
Saturdays 20th Oct till 15th Dec